1. Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Mais Oui Tennis and Spa Villa, Discovery Bay, Jamaica

  2. Mais Oui Tennis and Spa Villa, Discovery Bay, Jamaica

  3. I. Anticipated Costs

    1. 1. How much does it cost to rent the villa?

    2. 2. Do you charge for children?

    3. 3. Do your rates include airfare?

    4. 4. Are the rates guaranteed?

    5. 5. What else should I consider for my budget for my Jamaica villa vacation?

  4. II. Booking the villa

    1. 6. How do we book the villa?

    2. 7. Can we use BOOK IT NOW?

    3. 8. What is the minimum stay?

    4. 9. When do we need to put down a deposit?

    5. 10. Do you hold dates for people?

    6. 11. When is the final payment due?

    7. 12. Do you take credit cards

    8. 13. What is your cancellation policy?

    9. 14. How closely do you adhere to your cancellation policy?

    10. 15. Is there a damage deposit?

  5. III. The Location ... Discovery Bay

    1. 16. What is the villa’s address? Where is Mais Oui?  

    2. 17. How far is Mais Oui from the airport? Which airport do we fly into?

    3. 18. How far is the beach? What is the beach like?

    4. 19. What is there to do in the area?

  6. IV. The Villa ... Logistics

    1. 20. When is check in/check out? Can we just show up any time?

    2. 21. How will we get from the airport to the villa?

    3. 22. Who do I contact if I have any issues at the villa?

    4. 23. Is smoking allowed in the villa?  

  7. V. The Villa ... Occupancy

    1. 24. Do we have to share the villa with anyone else?

    2. 25. How many people can I bring with me? How many people can stay in a room?

    3. 26. Is Mais Oui great for couples? What about multi-generational families or groups?

    4. 27. Is the villa suitable for someone who is elderly? Do you allow children?

    5. 28. Is Mais Oui a party house?

    6. 29. I want to have a large party or gathering? Can we use Mais Oui for this?

    7. 30. Can I have additional guests over if I rent the villa?

  8. VI. The Villa ... Amenities

    1. 31. Is the villa child proof?

    2. 32. Is there a TV?

    3. 33. Do you have cable TV?

    4. 34. Is there WiFi?

    5. 35. Is the hot tub/spa tub on all the time?

    6. 36. Is the pool shared with anyone?

    7. 37. Is the villa air-conditioned?

    8. 38. Do guests have kitchen access/privileges? Will we be able to cook at the villa?

    9. 39. Can the villa be rented without staff?

    10. 40. Are there spa therapists at the villa?  Is the spa open to people who are not staying at Mais Oui?

  9. VII. The Villa ... Meal Planning

    1. 41. Is the water drinkable?

    2. 42. May we send recipes before hand?

  10. VIII. The Villa ... Miscellaneous

    1. 43. Are there insects at the villa?

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