22 Who do I contact if I have any issues at the villa?

We have an on-site manager, Ruby, as well as an operations manager, Dave. Both of their phone numbers are already programmed in the cell phone that we loan to you. They are your first lines of defence. Ruby handles primarily housekeeping issues. Dave handles anything related to maintenance and amenities issues. For ideas for tours or things to do, Dave is your guy. Of course, we are here as well and are in communication with the villa’s staff during your stay.

We try to arrange as many things as possible in advance of your arrival to reduce the chance of any disappointment. Do you want van and driver service? Do you want spa services? Would you like a cake to celebrate a birthday? Please give us as much notice as possible to make arrangements. Remember Jamaica is not the USA. Items that you might take for granted are not necessarily easily obtained or arranged without some effort on our part, which is fine. The more notice we have, the more likely our efforts will be successful. Also, the staff would be very disappointed, and even upset with us, if you came to celebrate a special celebration and we didn’t inform them!

If you have any needs once you are at the villa, please communicate with the staff, in particular Dave and Ruby. They are there to help you. They would be very disappointed to know that you had issues that they did not know about.


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