13 What is your cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy is as stated in our Rental Agreement.

All cancellations must be in writing. It is the responsibility of the Guest to ensure that the booking change or cancellation letter or email reaches the Owners in a timely fashion. Provided that the Owners receive the written notice of cancellation prior to the deadlines outlined, the policy will be as follows:

Cancellations made 60 or more days prior to your scheduled arrival date (90 days for Easter and Thanksgiving) will incur a one-time cancellation fee of 10% of the total villa rental cost for this booking. Alternatively, the guest may choose to reschedule the vacation dates, one time, within the 365 days from date of cancellation, with full credit toward the new reservation in the same season (low, versus high versus holiday week). Changes in a reservation that result in a shortened stay cannot be for less than our minimum rental requirement (currently 4 nights).

No refunds are made for cancellations made 60 days or less prior to arrival, (90 days for Easter or Thanksgiving). If Guest chooses to reschedule the date after the 60 day window, or 90 days for Easter or Thanksgiving, this would be considered a new booking.

No part of Christmas or New Years bookings are refundable .

Additionally, there are no refunds for non-use of any goods or services, for individuals who do not arrive, arrive late or who depart early for all or part of the rental period.

For Guests who cancel or make changes to the reservation, such as reduction in head-count, after the deadlines described above, the guest is liable to pay the outstanding balance as outlined in the Rental Quote, and per the agreed rental terms on the booking website. The Owners reserve the right to cancel any bookings providing written notice is given and any balance paid refunded unless the reason for the cancellation is failure to pay the full balance.

Updated 3/15/2017


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