15 Is there a damage deposit?

Yes there is. Having a damage deposit requirement is one way that we are able to keep our rates affordable. It may be surprising for you to know that many common items have to be imported and so cost a lot more that you might be accustomed to at home. Sometimes we have to have very simple items flown into the island in preparation for the next set of guests. Consequently, we take damage to the property very seriously as we want our next set of guests to be able to have just as good of a vacation as you did.

Guests have two options from which to choose. You may purchase our Accidental Damage Protection Plan which covers guests for up to $1500 of accidental damage that is REPORTED to us during the stay. The Group Leader is responsible for any damage above $1500 or any damage found after departure. If you want additional protection beyond our Accidental Damage Protection Plan, there is insurance available from other companies such as http://www.propertydamageprotection.com. Alternatively, the Group Leader may pay a security deposit of $200 per rented room, with a minimum deposit of US$600. Security deposit less 5% processing fee is refunded within 14 days, after the house has been checked. Damages are deducted from the security deposit.

Note that damage to furniture from wet clothing, especially water from the chlorinated pool, is not considered normal wear and tear. This is considered wilful negligence and is not covered by insurance. In the event of such damage, we do expect prompt payment since the villa has to be readied for the next set of guests, who may very well be arriving 4 hours after your departure and expect the same pristine conditions as you were afforded.

Guests are referred to our Terms and Conditions for full details about our damage deposit and responsibility for damages.



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