27 Is the villa suitable for someone who is elderly? Do you allow children?

Is the villa suitable for someone who is elderly?

There is a bedroom suite on the ground floor which, while suitable for all guests, is ideally suitable for individuals who have difficulty going up and down the stairs. There is a step down from the foyer into the dining room and into the living room. The family room and the more casual dining area are all on one level and so are accessed without steps. Someone with mobility issues would therefore be able to enjoy both dining and living spaces on level ground. The doors to the bathroom and bathroom would not accommodate a wide width wheelchair.


Do you allow children?

Yes, of course! Children are welcome. We have a child ourselves and have to make sure that he is kept entertained at the villa. The pool is always the most popular amenity among children. We have multiple fun amenities, including some educational options, that will delight kids.

Please note, however, that guests, and not Mais Oui staff, are responsible for their supervision and their actions. For example, children must be supervised to use the hot tub/spa, pool, whirlpool baths, roof deck, tennis garden with the pond and so forth. Due to the risk of alterations in blood pressure and heart rate, we strongly recommend that children under age 12 not be permitted to use the hot tub/spa by the pool.


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