23 Is smoking allowed in the villa?  

Mais Oui is a non-smoking villa. You are free to smoke outside of the house on the pool-side terrace, roof deck and gardens; but, please do not smoke inside the villa at any time.  Also, please do not use our dishes etc. as ashtrays.

There is a drought that is on in Jamaica. Please be careful wherever you smoke and with how you put out your cigarettes. Every effort must be made to avoid fire. We will, unfortunately, have to charge you for any such damages.

We take smoking inside the villa very seriously. Smoke gets into fabrics very easily and the smell is very hard to remove. Our son has severe allergies and we cannot take the chance that residual smoke fumes will trigger an asthma attack when we are there. Additionally, Jamaican law, as of 2013, provides for smoke-free work environment for workers. The villa is the place of employment for our staff.

If our non-smoking policy offends you, we apologize in advance and ask you to not rent the villa.

If you choose to rent the villa and ignore this request, the charge to clean the room of smoke is $250 per room and we have the right to terminate the booking and evict you without recompense to you should you choose to disregard our No Smoking policy.


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