29 I want to have a large party or gathering? Can we use Mais Oui for this?

Yes, we can arrange to host large gatherings. We have had destination weddings and anniversary celebrations, birthday and graduation parties, and retreats at Mais Oui. We limit events to 50 people; not because we can’t accommodate more but because we cannot comfortable go over that size indoors in the event of rain. There is an extra charge associated with group events because of the extra costs to us such as cleaning, utilities and staff services. Event fees begin at US$1000. Contact us for more details.

Despite the above, please note that Mais Oui is not a party house. That is not the spirit in which we allow our home to be shared with guests or to be used for functions. This is not a home for a week of binge drinking or drug use or any stereotypical Spring Break type or other “party-type” behavior. If that is your intention, we ask you in advance to select another property as we will have no choice but to evict you should such behavior occur.


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