18 How far is the beach? What is the beach like?

This is perhaps the number one question that we get asked! There are two beaches in our immediate area.

The beach that is about a 2 minute walk from the villa is a secluded beach cove that has actually been designated a scenic view by the government of Jamaica. There is a wooden staircase that leads down to the sea. Sometimes at high tide, the water comes up to the base of the stairs and so there isn’t much sand to lay on. This beach is not handicap accessible.

There is a larger beach, called Big Beach, about a 2 minute drive around the bay at Rio Bueno Harbor. You can walk to it but you have to do so along the main road. The vehicles speeding by may be a little intimidating so we prefer to drive. Walking to Big Beach is therefore not recommended.

Big Beach has lots of space to spread out, picnic, jog along the shore. The Bengal River, which is thought by some to be the fresh water that attracted Columbus to land in 1494, enters the sea  near this beach. Sometimes Big Beach can get a little crowded because this is also the end of the river rafting and river tubing tours.

If there has been heavy rainfall in the surrounding hills, there can be a temporary drop in water clarity at both beaches due to the contributions from the Rio Bueno River. Typically this clears within 24-48 hours. This is weather dependent.


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