2 Do you charge for children?

Yes we do. We charge for anyone occupying a bed. The total number of people occupying the villa influences the number of staff that we have to have on-site, expenses that are incurred on your behalf etc. Every person in the house, including children, affects our electricity, water, and gas usage as well as demands on our staff for cleaning, laundry, meal preparation etc.

Our rates are deliberately priced to be affordable. Even when you compare the added costs for children, our rates are extremely competitive.

In 2015, Mais Oui underwent major upgrades and renovations which included the bi-level ocean-view roof deck, several bathrooms, interior design, resurfacing of the tennis court, additional landscaping and exterior lighting, creation of hidden cabanas, extension of the spa outdoors, plus a lot more.

Rates will be increased in 2016 to reflect our new and upgraded services. We have also instituted a daily per-person resort fee for each person above the number indicated on the rental agreement.


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