30 Can I have additional guests over if I rent the villa?

The rental rate takes into account expenses that will be incurred on your behalf during your stay based on the number of people that you indicated would be occupying the villa. These expenses will be more if you have additional people join you.

Should you like to have your friends or family from another resort or elsewhere on the island visit you, please provide their names to us in writing and make arrangements for payment for their visitor passes prior to their arrival. Please contact us for the current Visitor Day Pass rate and or the cost for additional guests to stay overnight, as appropriate. These fees are per person, are paid directly to the Villa Manager prior to arrival, and are subject to change without notice.

The Visitor Day Pass charge does not include meals or overnight accommodations but does grant access to the property and available amenities as provided for registered guests. If a Day Pass guest wishes to stay overnight, this must be requested in advance and the overnight fee must be paid.

Groups of people (separate from the rental party) may not be invited to the villa for functions, such as family reunions, meetings, weddings etc. without our prior written consent. Events which involve more than 2 people above the number stated in the rental agreement will attract a site location (event) fee, which starts at US$1000, prepaid.

Guests above the number stated in the rental agreement, who wish to stay overnight, will be charged at our current per person per night rate. The fee is incurred except for children under age 2 who share a bed with their parents. If a bed is used, the fee is charged.

For the safety of our guests and staff, unregistered guests may not stay overnight. Additionally, strangers, defined as people you did not know prior to your trip, may not be invited onto the property. If you would like to meet with such persons, we suggest that you do so at a public place.


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