43 Are there insects at the villa?

If anyone tells you that will not see an insect in Jamaica or at their villa, you should run in the other direction as fast as you can as that cannot be an honest answer. Jamaica is a tropical country and so insects and other such creatures live here too, including in the resort areas. There are mosquitoes, flies, ants, lizards, and even cockroaches to name a few. Is it possible that you may see any of these animals while you are in Jamaica? Of course you may. Does this mean they will be a constant presence during your holiday? No, it doesn’t; however, if the windows and doors are open, they could come inside.

Rest assured that we have our own preventive maintenance systems in place at Mais Oui to keep insects, bugs and such critters under control. In our ponds, we have beautiful fish which eat mosquito larvae so this is a win win situation for both the fish and our guests. Nevertheless, our efforts are in vain, if you do not do your part.

Contrary to what many people may believe, the presence of insects does not mean unsanitary conditions. Flies, ants and cockroaches are always looking for food. They have highly developed sense of smell. We request that you only eat in designated eating areas. Eating and or leaving trash from food items in your rooms, for example, is never, ever, a good idea, as this is essentially an open invitation to these unwanted friends.

Using insect repellent and bug zappers are helpful in keeping mosquitoes at bay. Keeping the doors and windows closed, especially after dusk, is also important.

So, yes, there maybe some unwanted critters that might be around, but, you aren’t going to let them ruin your vacation, are you?


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